About Us

About Us

In December 2015, we began with limited resources, endless determination and passion. We started with 30 indigenous goats and 2 exotic buck crosses. A year later, we added 10 acres of bananas (matooke) which we have expanded to 22 acres now. We started offering trainings goat and banana farmers all over East Africa, Boer goat and dorper sheep imports not forgetting sheep farming. We offer advisory and extension services to women and youth farmers all over East Africa.
We offer our services through practical on the farm trainings and virtual trainings, supply of good quality breed stock and importing of live goats and sheep from South Africa & Kenya. We are set on creating a sustainable home-place, and sharing our journey with others. Bwogi Farms has become more than a place to call home; it represents community, creativity, and our best effort to connect people with a sustainable family farm experience.


Years of Experience

Farm Mission

Promote sustainable agriculture practices, aimed at providing decent work & economic growth to farmers in East Africa.


To excel in profitable production and efficient supply of good quality goats, sheep gene stock and bananas in East Africa.

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Proper care and good management can ensure better production and high profit

Extension Officer

Goat farming can unlock prosperity

Farm Visitor

Goat farming is a traditional, profitable, low risk and very easy business due to its fast growing rate


I love the bit of Lusuku farming.



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