Goat, Sheep exports, imports & Supplies

Goat & Sheep Exports and Imports

Every livestock farm has a desire to access the best gene stock for their farm. Good breeds are owned by commercial farms and ranchers. Access to good breeds is still a puzzle to many low-income farmers in East Africa who want to boost the productivity of their farms through early-maturing breeds. Goat/sheep artificial insemination and embryo transfer are technologies still not yet developed in East Africa
Bwogi Farms in 2020, started to mobilize farmers all over East Africa to pool resources and import Boer goats and Dorper sheep from South Africa. From this mobilization, we have been able to import 120 exotic goats, 150 Dorper sheep to date. Our plan as Bwogi Farms is to crossbreed the exotic goats with our indigenous goats and sell off the offsprings at a lower cost to low-income farmers all over East Africa. From 2021 to date, we have been able to sell 554 goat crossbreeds to 120 farmers in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.



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