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Advisory and Extension Services

We facilitate information exchange, technology transfer and problem-solving. We use group-based & peer-to-peer learning technique designed to build and strengthen the capacity of rural and urban farmers and other stakeholders. This is accomplished by providing access to information and technologies but also by enhancing agricultural skills and practices, capacity to innovate, and address varied development challenges through training programs, improved management and organizational techniques.  Under training, we mobilize, offer on farm trainings, farm to farm training, organize workshops, video trainings. As farm management, we purchase of drugs and other farm inputs for farmers, treat and spray of animals, record keeping, and vaccination. We assist in diagnosing farm performance and proposing ways to increase the income of farmers and the profitability of the farm enterprises and the business as a whole, facilitating linkages between farmers, government, input suppliers and market outlets. We have created a database of efficient, and genuine service providers that our clients use. Our Extension efforts are directed towards developing the skills and strengthening the capabilities of small-scale farmers to become more competitive and profitable.





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